The Mystery Quilt

Happy New Year! What's more fun than:

  • 1. Making a plan in the first month of the New Year
  • 2. Solving a Mystery or
  • 3. Learning new skills and making something useful?

We will be constructing a mystery quilt this year. Don't worry: it won't be a Dear Jane quilt made from the Dear Jane: the Two Hundred- Twenty-five Patterns from the 1863 Jane A. Stickle Quilt Book (already competed by some of our more adventurous guild members).  

The CHQG 2019 Mystery Quilt will be simpler than the Dear Jane Challenge.  Our Mystery Quilt can be made as a two color quilt or a scrappy version for the very adventurous. The most interesting sign will come if you select a light and a dark fabric with enough contrast between the two.


  • 1. If you choose the scrappy version there should be enough contrast between the two groups of fabric to read as light ones or dark ones. You may consider staying within a color range for each of the lights or darks. For example, you can use oranges for the darks and creams to beige for the lights. 

  • 2. If you choose to to use a scrappy approach, group your fabrics into lights and darks, or similar color ways. 

If you are using the "Stash" approach make sure that you include some strips that are at least 2-1/2 inches wide and no less than 17 inches long. Include some pieces are are at least 6 inches square (in both the light and dark fabrics). 

Fabric Requirements for either version will be 3-4 yards of two different colors for the quilt. The final size will be approximately 58 inches square. 

All the usual basic rules for quilting apply. No fancy seam allowances or rulers are needed. Employ the standard 1/4 inch seam allowance through the piecing of the blocks and quilt. 

Check back often and click the month for instructions.

January  - added 1/18/19

February - added 2/23/19

March - added 3/20/19

April - added 5/3/19

May - added 5/21/19

June - added 7/9/19

July - added 7/24/19

August - added 8/25/19

September - Final Clue added 9/21/19

Here are a few of members completed Mystery Quilts. Same pattern --- different results ---- all are beautiful. Ladies, thank you for sharing.          


Revised 10/16/19