August 16, 2016

Diana B. was ill and Debora P. took her place leading the meeting. She did a great job. Thank you, Debora.

Birthdays- (if you are fairly new, I may not have your birthday information. If you want me to have that information, let me know.)

Laquita B.
Cindy F.
Danna J.
Julie L.
Gwen N.
Pam P.

Shop News-

Corner Square Quilts- There is about three weeks left for the Row by Row experience. Stop by and pick up your pattern. They have a very easy to put together quilt called "Words to Live By" available. They also have some new fabrics including new batiks. 

Sunshine and Shadows-

Mamie B. - her son is not doing very well. He is on dialysis and he also has cancer. 
Ann A. - her brother is dying of cancer.

Raffle quilt

The drawing for the quilt will take place on November, 15th (our regular scheduled meeting day.) 
There are several times that the quilt is going to be displayed and we need volunteers to sit with the quilt and help sell raffle tickets.

8/19/16 - Ben Franklin's from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
10/8/16 - Country Day in Cedar Hill
10/29/16 - Bob Phillip's Country Reporter day in Waxahachie

Remember for every 20 tickets you sell AND every 2 hours you volunteer your name will be put in a drawing. 

Upcoming Programs-

September - President's Challenge - there is a Sun Bonnet Sue theme. You can interpret that in many different ways. You can do an old fashioned Sun Bonnet Sue or a modern version. You can make a pillow or a king sized quilt. You can applique, piece (if you can figure out how), paint on the fabric, embroider, or whatever method you would like. It does NOT have to be quilted. You can bring in just the top. 

October - Trick or Treat - This is a great opportunity to bless someone with your unwanted UFO. Maybe the UFO is too challenging or takes too much time or you just really don't like it. You never know what someone else might just fall in love with. If you have one from a Trick or Treat in the past, remember before you pass it on, you MUST do something with it. I heard a rumor that you only have to sew an inch minimum to make the trade. I guess that means I need to look at mine and stitch an inch. This can be great fun and lead to some interesting stories.

November - A group from Plainview Quilt Guild will be coming to present a program about Undergroud Railroad quilts. 

December - Annual Christmas party. Everyone brings a dish to share and we exchange ornaments.


This past Rally Day there were 700 people who attended. 

Upcoming 2018- CHQG will be part of the committee. This will take quite a few volunteers from our guild to help with Rally Day. More news will be coming in the future as we get closer.


We have been working on scrap quilts. These workshops are usually on the day of the meeting and most often they are at the rec center. The quilts we are making a scrap string quilts. This is so easy and fun. You can also work on the blocks at home and just bring them to the meeting. Also Georgia has made up some more pillowcase kits. You can also work on those on workshop days. 

Christmas blocks-

 please return your Christmas blocks at the September meeting. 

Block of the Month - 

This month there were 2 winners: Karen C. and Barbara S.

Next month - the block is a scrappy card trick block. Click here for PDF

Membership - 

They will start collecting dues in September for 2017. You don't NEED to pay in September, but it is a good way to get ahead and not forget when January rolls around. Contact Debora P. for more information.

Charity Quilts- 

Along with the quilts being made at the workshops, Rhonda H. has some charity tops in need of quilting. Contact Rhonda H. or Drena C. for more information. 


Linda Brown presented a program about hand applique and her journey as a quilter. 

Show and Tell -

Julie C. - baseball quilt
Rhonda H. and Drena C. - patriotic quilt for a hospice center
C.J. F. - 2 pillowcases
Barbara S. - her granddaughter made a baby quilt at the workshop. Charity- 20 lap quilts from Corner Square Quilts and 10 lap quilts done by members.
Rhonda H. - "Words of Faith" and the patriotic memorial quilt for the hospice
Dora J. - Serenity Prayer panel
Marilyn Z. - 5 baby hats and a quilt
Judy P. - miniature sewing machine and a fall table runner
Charlotte H. - redwork quilt the machine embroidery and a fidget quilt for alzheimer's patients
Donna A. - 3 special olympics scarves, 12 baby hats, 2 baby afghans, 3 baby quilts, 5 pillowcases
Sue M. - 2 baby blankets, Antique Sun Bonnet Sue blocks, Donation quilt for Holy Spirit Catholic Church made by the Piecemakers Quilt group, baby hat, a flip and sew charity quilt

Door prizes -

3 winners: Karen A., Pat K., and Bobbie B


Updated 8/18/2016