February 2018

Cedar Hill Quilters Guild, February 20, 2018

Again the weather hit us with a double whammy…no scarves and winter woolies like last month, but raincoats and umbrellas. A BIG drop in temperature..60’s when we got here at 1, 40’s when we left at 9! The rains were torrential and some of the workshop quilters took off for dry territory after dinner!

Our President Claudia is off on the high seas, so our membership duo, CJ and Mary took over the presidents role. It was decided that Mary would be the one as she had rouge on. They both did a great job…so you better hurry back Claudia.

Hats off to Gina as our program did not materialize due to the speaker being stranded north where there was flooding, stacked traffic and accidents. She picked up the pace and had us do a bit of reminiscing about helpful tips we learned along the way.

1 guest, Tanya J., who has 6 sewing machines and a long arm…guess that makes her a quilter. Hope we will see her again. The minutes were approved and seconded.

Committee reports:

Web Marcia M,..Webmaster She is updating our website, will have a link to Corner Square Quilts. She is locking down a way for members to have access to the directory through a password. (You need to come to meeting to get that) and will have a list of the current members after the next meeting, so be sure to come and join. She had an idea for having a Member Spotlight…getting to know about your fellow quilters. What do you think?

Sunshine and Shadows-Charlotte H.

  • Pat K.’s husband died and his funeral will be at 2PM Saturday at Laurel Land. She is a long time member and we share her sorrow.
  • Patty G.had a stroke.
  • Nancy C. has the big C. She has had surgery and was a real trouper coming through the weather to be with us. She said she has a newfound love of small pillows, and will have us making them for hospitals!
  • Rhonda H. has a new grandson..and some great first time mom stories to share!
  • Charlotte H. will be having a new great-granddaughter

Gina P., Programs -Brenda Perry will be here next month and will share quilts made with striped fabrics. Sounds interesting! T-Shirts to be ordered. Price depends on the order #.

TAQG - Maryln Z.,  

  • Rally day is July 14.
  • The speaker is Deb Tucker and she will be doing 4 workshops. 2 are being held in Cedar Hill, Monday July 16 and Tues July 17.
  • Cost of workshop is $79 for members, $100 for non members. There will be a list of supplies and fabrics needed. Rulers are required; those who sign up by Mar 31 will be entered into drawing to win a ruler or rulers required for class. Workshop forms can be gotten from Maryln or on the TAQG website.
  • Lunch boxes can be had for $10. (from McAllister’s)
  • Pins are $5.,
  • Raffle tickets for goodie baskets or a sewing machine are $1 or 6 for $5.
  • Due to rising costs, there will be a $5 admission fee, $10 for nonmembers. Maryln should have tickets next month.
  • Deb Tucker is with Studio180designs.

 Borders, margins, and lessons from the edge of the quilt (formerly block of the month)- Julie L.

  • Those who brought their center blocks were rewarded with DIAPER pins and words of wisdom from that great quilter Socrates. The February direction is to place a PLAIN border around the block. Can’t wait for the March directions!! All the info is on the CHQG website. Some very interesting center blocks, will be fun to see them unfold.

Librarian -Angela C. Thanked Pam P. for entering email addresses into library site. At last count there are 327 books in the collection of which 53 are not related to quilting. She took all the books and magazines home to categorize them and her very nice husband carted all 5 million pounds of books through the rain to the meeting room. She is planning on making it easier for us to peruse the books and check them out.

Recommendations by Angela:

1. To free up space in the cabinet and encourage the art of quilting to future generations, I would like to suggest we donate the Patchwork Mysteries of books, of which there are 20 plus, to a middle school or the Cedar Hill Library. The series takes up a full shelf in the cabinet and only 3=4 have been loaned in the past 5 years.

2. Books not related to quilting should be sold. Maybe offered to members first and balance sold to Half Price Books store. This frees up another shelf in the cabinet, as most of these books are medium to large sizes.

3. The four binders of Quilters Newsletter magazines should be purged for only magazines dated within the last five years. The magazines are dated back to 1988-1990. Limited newer magazines will be held for sale to members and given to visitors as thank you for considering our guild. With this effort the books can be easily displayed during the monthly meeting for inspiration and second look after using the online library. Highlighted book: Quilts of a Different Color by Irena Bluhm. Quilt first, add color later, This remarkable process will have quilters making quilts in an entirely different way. Everything needed for this colorful process is clearly explained. Start with plain cloth, free motion quilt your designs, then color and shade the motifs and background areas for a breathtaking new look, You’ll love the unique quilts you can make with Irena’s guidance!

Library challenge: Use any book from the guild’s library in your President’s challenge quilt and be entered into the Library Participation drawing. We love quilting books because…the quilting possibilities are endless! Ruth M. Hospitality Please sign up to provide refreshments, door prize and help hold up quilts. You can do it all one month or split it up!

RETREAT- Barbara S.,  We need more quilters at the retreat ladies. Check out your quilting friends and other quilters in other guilds. Many spots open, March 1-4th. Cost is $262 for 1-4, $175 for March 2-4. It’s just next week!!

Meeting STATS: 25 members, 1 Guest, 261 Volunteer hours

Refreshments: Maryln Z., Gina P, Bobbie P. Door Prizes: Angela C., Maryln Z., Gina P.

Quilt holders: Gina P., Maryln Z., Bobbie P.

Show and Tell:

  • Mamie B. 84 baby hats!!!
  • Bobbie P. Donation quilt, a “stack and whack” that someone gave her. She put it together and quilted it. A huge quilt that she made for herself,,beautiful colors.
  • Charlotte C. Modern mini that won second place in a modern quilt show Wedding quilt with modern design, nice modern improvisional quilting.
  • Jean C. BOM from Common Threads..Summertime
  • Julie C. Baby quilt using music fabric. Modern design
  • Cindy F. Charity quilt, pieced by Jean F, quilted by Diana B and bound by Cindy Baby quilt and baby quilt top using focus child prints.
  • Angela C. Lap quilt using the scrap bag fabrics passed out last year, Be sure to check out pictures. We may need to do this again!
  • Maryln Z. 8 baby hats and 1 baby blanket for charity
  • Charlotte H. Baby quilt from our scrap bag challenge last year. Be sure to check out pictures. We may have to do this again
  • Barbara S. Mystery quilt from Super Bowl Sunday and lap quilt almost completed during workshop
  • Julie L. Twin quilt with modern flowers, bright colors, blue gingham baby layette blanket, kids quilt with birds, 4 pillowcases

Gina’s Mini Program: Helpful hints we Learned along the Way!

  • Barbara S. Rita A. showed me how to use a bookmark to assist with paper piecing. BIG help.
  • Maryln Z. When doing a stack and whack..work with 22 inch segments
  • Julie C. has figured a way to cheat on corners when binding. ( We are going to have to work on her)
  • Ruth M. Squaring up quilts. When one of her quilting friends told her to measure in the middle and cut 2 borders the same ( Barbara S..are you listening?} this method made her borders more ruffly, so she ‘s going back to her own way!
  • Cindy F. When making ½ sq. triangles from squares, add more that the recommended 7/8 inches. Then square up. AND..Don’t stress over imperfections. Charlotte C. Only redo X2…never a third time. Don’t call it a mistake, call it a Design Element.
  • Julie L, Don’t compare your work with others. Just Do It!
  • Tanya J. If you drop your seam ripper, don’t catch it with your foot! Also..Don’t put needles in your mouth! (Wonder how she knows this!)
  • Marcia M. If you don’t like the colors in your quilt, just keep going and quilt it. It will grow on you! (Promise?}
  • Maryln Z. If your quilt is 44 inches and your backing is 42 inches, cut your backing at a 45-degree angle and place together until wide enough to cover back. You may need to look this up on YouTube.
  • Mamie B, Amazed when people come into her home and say “Oh, you sew?’ The hint is the sewing stuff in all the rooms and stacks of boxes with fabric taller that her! (Ha,ha..How many of our houses look like this!)

At 9 PM Maryln Z. announced that the rain had stopped and it was time to go home! Meeting Adjourned!

Revised 06/04/2018