2018 Newsletter / Minutes

Cedar Hill Quilt. - June 21, 2018 - Newsletter / Minutes

President Claudia K. called the meeting to order at 7pm. She informed us of Board Meeting business decisions:

Announced changes in the Board configuration:

  • Marcia M. is now the Membership Chairman
  • Mary G. is the Webmaster
  • Barbara S. is the Newsletter Scribe
  • CJ F. is the new TAQG Representative

It was decided to make a raffle quilt every other year. Our next quilt will be ready for the year 2020. Time for you to consider taking this on....plenty of time to get a committee gathered. Also plenty of time left to sell tickets for our present colorful 2018 quilt "Tequila Sunrise".


Country Day on the Hill is Oct 13th. We participated in the Parade last year and it was a rousing success. It was fun to see the parade watchers oohing and awing over our quilts. We plan on doing it again this year and are in need of someone with a flat bed truck. Anyone out there with access to one??? We always show our raffle quilt and sell tickets...and will add items to be sold. The proceeds of these sales will go to fatten our coffers. We plan to make mug rugs microwave bowls, plastic bag holders, potholders and casserole carriers. Not to worry, we will have pop-up workshops to learn to make all of these things. Great way to use up all those pieces of fabric in your stash! .....and make some of your own for gift giving. Dates will be available soon! Please note: Any item underlined is a link to the pattern.


From our Officers and Committee Members:

Membership - Marcia M.

  • 1 New member, Betsy W.
  • 1 visitor - Karina

Sunshine and Shadows - Charlotte H.

  • Judy P. - having hand surgery on Wednesday, June 22nd. Prayers that it was successful
  • Karen A. - having shoulder surgery in July
  • Gail G. - recovering at her daughter's house

"BLME" Borders Margins and Lessons from the Edge - Julie L. - "Embellishments"

  • Our next border will contain Embellishments- can be lace beads fabric scraps, prairie points.....the sky is the limit!
  • Ready for showing at the August meeting

Librarian - Angela C.

  • 3 books are available for ideas on Embellishments!

Christmas Quilt - Jean S.

  • Jean asked that all blocks be turned in by next month. 

Hospitality - Ruth M.

  • Barbara S., Rita A., and Charlotte H. brought refreshments and gifts.

TAQG - Maryln Z.

  • Quilt holders needed for the Rally Day Program.
  • She may still need help to prepare lunches for the workshops.
  • Signup sheet passed around.
  • Rally Day is July 14th. If you have never been before, plan on it. It is always informative and fun. All guilds show their raffle quilts and sell tickets. (Hint: Bring your mail address labels....easier than filling out the tickets)
  • The Rally is charging $5.00 admission for the first time due to increasing costs of putting on the rally. 
  • Check out the TAQG website: taqg.org

Raffle Quilt, 2018 - Judy P.

  • There are still raffle tickets! If you have not picked up your packet yet, please do. The quilt is amazing.



  • July 17th - Salad Supper
  • Bring a favorite salad
  • Bring a potholder (home made or you could have made) in a brown paper save for the exchange
  • It will be in the Cresthaven Village Community Center, 1108 Cresthill Drive, Cedar Hill. This is a gated community and a few days before the meeting we will send out the address again along with the code to get in. Watch your email.


Show and Tell

  • CJ F. - 3 Pillowcases
  • Aley J. - Jelly roll quilt. Aley is a new quilter and is doing so well!! Very nice quilt!
  • Ruth M. - Twister heard quilt (Ruth is teasing Aley to quilt! and doing a great job of it!)
  • Angela C. "Hey Lady" Wall appliqué, modern quilt in red, oranges and black. She is going to make a "Hey Man" ...can't wait!
  • Jean S. - King quilt.....she is so prolific! 
  • Tonya J. - 4 Pillowcases, Georgia's kit quilt, scrappy pineapple quilt...with all the leftover scraps she made a lap quilt!..and she has enough scraps left over to make more.
  • Hollie M. - Twin Ford quilt, whale quilt, car quilt that now is a table topper, kid animal quilt.
  • Jean C. - Princess Layla play quilt, Baby quilt for Langton, 2 pillowcases and 3 charity quilts.l
  • Judy P. - 2 Pillowcases.
  • Bobbie P. - 4 Pillowcases, 1 donation quilt.
  • Gloria I. - Casserole carrier (made at workshop).
  • Betsy W. - Dear Jane quilt..Betsy is our newest member.
  • Julie L. - 6 each, hats, some with fun tops, baby blanket from kit, BLME
  • Maryln Z. - Memory quilt made with great neice's baby clothes. Fun quilt to see, when you lifted the hoodie, you saw a picture of the baby.
  • Marcia M. - BLME

Barbara was busy holding quilts and unfortunately some did not fill out the show and tell forms. She remembers Julie L. show her "BLME" that she had taken apart and redone...it was great before and now, even greater. Marcia M. also showed her "BLME" of her colorful quilt with heart appliqué. 


Program - Robyn Gotch: Quilts, Kits to Custom

Robyn moved here from Wisconsin about 4 years ago. She was interested in quilting, but the closest place to buy fabric was a Walmart, which was a far trip from her home in Wisconsin. So you know that she felt like she hit the mother load when she moved to this area!

She discussed custom quilts that become that when you make subtle changes to a block of a month, a kit or a pattern. She showed us many quilts..all very loved and well worn. We even got to see areas that the dog loved so much that he had to take a bite! It is always interesting to see someone share their journey into the quilting world and how they interpret it. 

So much going on, we did't leave until 9:30! In a hurry to leave, someone left a bag with a Judy Martin Lonestar softcover book, a notebook and a pack of pens. It now resides at my house (Barbara S.) awaiting to be returned to it's rightful owner. Please call Barbara S. beforeI run out of my own pens.