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Missed our guild meeting?  Here are some upcoming events.

1. Next Guild Meeting - Tuesday, February 19th -  6:30 pm at the Cedar Hill Recreation Center.

2. Program - Leo Ransom - Portrait Quilting and Workshop. Leo was here a few years ago and gave a most interesting presentation of his applique portraiture. He also talked of his journey from making quilts to the artistry of the portraits. It will be most interesting to see where his journey has taken him to today. He also will be doing a workshop at the rec center from 2-5 before the meeting. Workshop is $35.


  • Small pair of tweezers
  • Ink pen or Fine point Sharpie
  • 4’’ pointed embroidery or applique scissors (Leo uses the ones with a curved tip)
  • Straight pins
  • At least one light fabric and one dark fabric. 2 fat quarters will work, pattern is 11X14
  • 1 yard Heat N Bond (Leo prefers the Heat N Bond Lite because it is easier to sew through when quilting

Cheryl S is in charge of the workshop.


3. Library - Remember to return books once you are finished with them so they will be available for others.

4. Spring Retreat: Time to start thinking about out CHQG spring retreat. It has traditionally been held on the
first weekend in March. In 2019 it will be from Feb 26 to March 3. You can go from Thursday to Sunday for $294.30or from Friday to Sunday for $196.20. Meals start on Thursday evening meal and end with a brunch on Sunday
morning. Lunch and supper meals are prepared each day. Breakfast supplies are available to make your own,
waffles, toast, bagels, English muffins, jams and peanut butter, cereals, hardboiled eggs…you get the idea.
Plenty of coffee, hot chocolate lemonade mix at all times. Plenty of sewing room (2 tables per person) and good
lighting. A fun way to get to know your fellow members and get a LOT of sewing done. Eat, Sleep and Sew! Check
out The Compass Centre’s

Make and wear your nametags!!

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