Cedar Hill Quilt Guild Library

Below is the link to Cedar Hill Quilters Guild Library


Email book request only:  chqg.library@gmail.com or click Angela for the direct link.

The library books and media are for the use of CHQG members only. The link above will take you to the Guild's collection catalog.  If you are a member, you may email Angela with name and author of the book you wish to check out. All book request must be submitted by midnight the Saturday before regular guild meetings.  The requested book will be at the library table at the next guild meeting.  The website lists books by author and you can do a search by subject (try "Japanese"), by an author, by title, etc.

We love quilting books because...the quilting possibilities are endless!


Calling all overdue books and magazines.

If you previously borrowed a book but have not return it, please let Angela know as soon as possible to enter it into our digital catalog. 


Revised 02/03/2020