Cedar Hill Quilters Guild


2019 Challenge - Miniature Quilt

Welcome to the Cedar Hill Quilters Quilt 2019 President's Challenge.

This year I am challenging all of you to create a miniature quilt. By definition, a miniature quilt is a scaled down version of a larger quilt. All elements of a miniature quilt (blocks, boarders, sashing, etc.) should be reduced in size to a proportion that matches the size of the quilt. Each member may have one entry.

Miniature quilts may be pieced, appliquéd, embroidered, or whole-cloth, and may be quilted by hand or machine.

Guidelines for our Miniature Challenge include:

  • Total perimeter of the quilt shall not exceed 96".
  • Single side shall not be more that 24" in length.
  • Pieced Blocks, if used, shall not measure more than 4" on any side.

Quilts are due and will be judged by Patricia Smith at our September meeting. She will also give us a program on "Mini Quilts" during our May Meeting. We look forward to her suggestions and tips. 

Winners will receive ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and a Members Choice ribbon.

Good luck and have fun. 

Your President,

Claudia Klipp


Added 03/20/19