2019 September Newsletter

Cedar Hill Quilters Guild

Minutes/Newsletter September 17, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7PM by President Claudia Klipp. We had 31 members and tallied 56 volunteer hours.  One visitor/charter member Chris Carr was here with her mother-in–law Helen Carr. Chris was instrumental in starting our Cedar Hill Guild. Hope she continues to come!.

Claudia talked of how she spent the afternoon with Patricia Smith, our judge for the miniature President’s Challenge quilts. She learned a lot about what judges look for and the thought process that goes on to select the winners. Basically it boils down to the individual judges self…think we all kind of knew that. Patricia had to leave early and she spoke to us about her process of researching the judging process. There are as many rules for judging as there are quilts and quilters.. She was most impressed that we had 16 amazing quilts, which made the judging process difficult. She made an individual critique for each contestant. She thanked us for trusting her with the job.

Instead of waiting until the end of the newsletter, I will publish the winners here.

  • 3rd place: Julie Landrith for her red multiblock mini
  • 2nd place: Mary Dunkerly for her mini made with her vintage fabrics
  • 1st place: Maryln Zelenz for her mini flying geese modern quilt
  • Member’s choice: Mary Dunkerly

All the quilts were amazing!

Speaking of quilts. Judy Purcell sent an email that said our donation Dachshund quilt went for $1000.00 at the Tri-City Gala. The new owner has a rescue dachshund. Wonder if the quilt will belong to the dog? She and Ed went to the gala so she could see how the quilt did.

Committee reports:

Workshop: Georgia had a Dog Bed workshop this afternoon at the 1890 House from 1-3 to make dog beds for the Tri-City shelter. We made 35 beds and 2 cat mats. How about that!! Lucky cats and dogs.

Workshop: Cheryl will have a reversible table topper workshop on Oct 15 from 2-5 at the rec center. This is our next meeting date. Supply list is on the website cedarhillquiltersguild.org

Sunshine and Shadows: Linda Brown’s (a charter member) husband died.

CJ said she spoke to Pat Kempe on her 90th birthday, July 28. She now lives in a retirement apt in Florida. She said that she has completed 4 UFO’s. No one sews in her facility and she gets repair requests all the time as they learn she has a sewing machine!

Mystery Quilt: Julie gave us our final clues for finishing our quilt. Some of our members jumped ahead and figured out the quilt and had them ready to show!! Those who were caught up or had finished got to dig in the famous SOCK for a chance of a prize. A new spool of thread.

Library: Angela asked for and GOT 2 volunteers to help inventory and catalog the library books. This will occur on October 15 at the rec center at 2 PM. She again proposed 2 new books that feature new techniques. Korean Textile Art called Bojagi and one about transforming fabrics into facets.

Remember “the quilting possibilities are endless!”

TAQG: CJ told of filling out questionnaire about fun things we do in the guild. They would like a Quilt of Valor from each guild to present at the next rally. Due date is March 2020.

Hospitality: Ruth announced refreshments brought by Gina, Dana and Hollie. Door prizes brought by Gina, Rita, Patty and Julie

Show and Tell:

Angela Childs: Red and White T-shirt quilt with the Walk About pattern

Vera Mallett: Indian Quilt that she purchased. All hand done and quilted lines about an inch apart

Virginia Weiser: Friendship table runner, triple star quilt and a gradient quilt

Maryln Zelenz: Baby quilt for new great granddaughter and a mini quilt that she didn’t enter in challenge

Julie Landrith: quilt for co-workers son with crocodiles, dinosaurs and animals

Dara Ratliff: Gold and Turquoise mini—was out of town and didn’t get it turned in

Rheta Grove: Cowboy panel quilt, Dresden flowers in pots, Cowgirl boots quilt and a miniature quilt, white with colored pinwheels (didn’t get turned in due to being out of town!)

Hollie McNeely: Jordon quilts bead pattern in blue

Judy Purcell: blue/white mystery quilt

Mary Williams: Long distant member for retreat! pillowcase, 1 lap robe, 3 children’s charity quilts

Barbara Sessions: 3 pillowcases, 6 table toppers

Next meeting is October 15 and is our Trick or Treat Meeting. For those of you that are new, I’m sure you have a project that you have started and no longer plan on finishing it. Get it out of your house…you are NEVER going to finish it and it’s taking up valuable space..space for your next project. Put this unfinished project in a nice bag that will appeal to one of your fellow quilters. The only caveat is that you will choose someone elses pretty bag. Who knows, it may warm the cockles of your heart and you will be most delighted.  Or…….bwahahahahahahah!!

Remember, CHQG Retreat March 5-8. Cost $294.30 for Thursday to Sunday or $196.20 for Friday to Sunday. More info to be on the website by end of October. Put it on your calendar! Check out Retreat centre’s website. TheCompassCentre.com

We got out early! 8:30 WOW

 Added 10/01/2019