Newsletter / Meeting Minutes - April 2019


Cedar Hill Quilters Guild

April 16, 2019



Meeting called to order by Maryln Zelenz, standing in for our President Claudia Klipp.  Claudia, you had better come back soon…Maryln is getting pretty good at this!

We had 25 members, 3 visitors, and 1 new member. 152 volunteer hours registered.

Linda, Courtney and Lavinia were here for first time! Linda even joined.

Committee Reports:

Sunshine and Shadows, Charlotte Humphrey:

Maryln Zelenz will have knee surgery May 20

Kathy Longstreet started Chemo last Thursday

Bobbie Pawsey’s son died suddenly with a heart attack

Rita Watson is in rehab following spinal surgery

Mary Gajdica has kidney disease and is in need of a new kidney

Please keep all of these friends in your prayers for care in their healing process. These are long hard journeys.

Workshop, Cheryl Stutzman: Judy Purcell led us in a workshop about piecing a 62 piece block to create a dachshund puppy. We cut out all the pieces (some 1 inch) for 15 blocks. The finished quilt will be used to raise funds for the animal shelter. Rheta Groves volunteered to quilt it.

TAQG, CJ Francis: Rally day is July 13. CJ has tickets for raffles, lunch and pins for sale. Admission this year will be $5 for members. Please pay for any items with a check!! Makes money accounting easier. For new people, TAQG is the organization of all the North Texas Quilt Guilds. It has classes to help guild board/committee members learn how to do their jobs. It also is a resource for speakers at our meetings. Every year there is a rally with a renowned speaker, also guilds display their raffle quilts for our perusal and chance to buy tickets. A very fun day.

Mystery Quilt, Julie Landrith: This month we get to make Flying Geese! 16, no less!  Dark color in the middle, light color on the outside. (At least it’s not applique…oops, that is an unnecessary insert).

Librarian, Angela Childs: The book sale added $36 to our library budget. Thank you for your support.  Last meeting, Angela told us of tools to use in resizing blocks. She found a worksheet to keep track of the resizing of pieces and blocks in your project. It is on the Cedar Hill website.

Ruth McKinney, Hospitality: Alley, Ruth, Mary and Julie brought refreshments and door prizes. See Ruth to see if she needs volunteers for any needs the rest of the year.

Shop news:  Diana Buckley announced that her longarm studio is now open 7 days a week! She still has charity quilting on the 2ndThursday, just call to reserve a time.  telephone number -  972-921-6715

Maryln announced that the Connecting Threads website has batting for sale 30% off.

Show and Tell:

Rheta Groves, Hearts baby quilt, quilt made from orange stripe material, BOM from 2017, 64 dog beds!

Maryln Zelenz, unveiled the 2019-20 guild quilt. Said it was the hardest quilt she has ever done (that’s saying a lot), 4 baby hats and her moonlit lilies quilt

Therese Sparkman, Starry Night, a Marti Mitchell pattern, Snowman Collector quilt

Mary Dunkerly, Baby string quilt, VA quilt, 30 baby hats, Quilt of Valor from her church

Julie Landrith, Donation baby quilt, 3 pillowcases

Jean Carson, purchased estate sale quilt blocks and made a beautiful quilt

CJ Francis, Number 11 Hippie Quilt

Barbara Sessions, baby quilt for neighbor


See all these quilts on the website

Notice: If you bring something for the Freebie table, please notice if it has not been taken. You need to take it back home ant try again next month, or give it to goodwill.  The guys who tear down the roon don’t know what to do with our past treasures.

Program: Trish Stuart

Trish was a fun, humorous, speaker, telling us of her quilting journey. She has 30 years of quilting, making patterns and doing artwork. She lived for many years in Alaska and loves painting the wildlife of Alaska. She now lives in Emory, Texas and is looking to move again, somewhere in Texas.

She told us of early quilting using cardboard templates and the great discovery of rotary cutters and great rulers.

Trish uses paints on fabric to make her current quilts. She has different techniques and uses different fabrics to achieve her results. Some of the wildlife quilt blocks are on velvet. The results are fabulous. She Stitches patterns on cloth and then fills in with her paints. Or, she will put paints on the fabric and then stitch on the paint areas to create patterns. She did not discuss the specifics of her technique or her paint mediums. She is developing interactive lessons on her website that will be available soon, Check out her work on or her website www.trishstuart.comtel#903-268-2866, her email is stuarttrish@gmail.comCheck our website for pictures

Our speaker for the next meeting, May 21 is Patricia Smith. Her topic is Miniature Quilts. In ample time for tips in making the President’s Challenge quilt. She has spoken to us before and has a lot of Knowledge and useful tips.

Meeting over at 9PM. We have a hard time leaving on time these days!

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