2018 November Newsletter / Minutes

Cedar Hill Quilters Guild


 November 20, 2018

Many thanks to Pam Pawsey for taking minutes for the first part of the meeting!! (Maybe she will consider the job for the next go-around!)



December Meeting - The Guild Meeting/Christmas Potluck will be on Dec 5, Wednesday at 6:30. Date was changed from Tuesday due to a scheduling problem.

1.The guild will provide a ham, we just need to bring side dishes and desserts.
2. Bring an ornament (preferably homemade) in a brown bag.
3. We will draw for the winner of the Christmas Quilt. This is a members raffle. Tickets are $20. If you are interested in the quilt and   unable to attend meeting, give money to someone that can put your name in the drawing.
4. Meeting /potluck is at the meeting center at 1108 Cresthill, Cedar Hill, Texas. Code for the day, to enter at the gate, is 1205.


Reports from the Board:

Sunshine and Shadows: Charlotte H. shared that: Judy P. is better after a fall. Brenda W. is better after an infection

Treasurer: Mary D. states that she will do a comprehensive report in November instead of monthly report in the next year.

Workshops: Cheryl S.  said that Leo Ransom who is our Feb Speaker will do a workshop that day called “Silhouette Quilt Workshop”. He was our speaker a few years ago and his work is amazing. He captures faces amazingly real. The charge is $35 for the workshop. Google Leo or www.facebook.com/ransomedartwork

Community Service / Charity: Georgia C. voiced her appreciation for all the help she gets from Debbie M.  They gather up our charity items and get them transported to the appropriate places. They turned in 42 hats to Parkland. 10 quilts, 48 pillows and 82 pillowcases to Scottish Rite, who greatly appreciate our help. Several dog beds were given to the Cedar Hill Animal Shelter.

TAQG: CJ reported that next TAQG meeting is in Mesquite at the Mimosa Lane Baptist Church, (where TAQG rally is held). Date is January 26. Need the President, Secretary and Treasurer to attend.

Library: Angela gave out gifts to those that participated in her library challenge. A pen with the Cedar Hill Quilters Guild Library name, a finger press egg and some neat little post it notes! Georgia won the Grand Prize for the year. Participants were Maryln Z, Brenda W, Renee P, Gina P, Cheryl S, Charlotte H, Hollie M, Barbara B, Julie C, Sara G, Kathy T, Georgia C, Danna J, Rita W, Bobbie P, Rita A, Barbara S, Claudia K, Angela C, Ragi M.



Raffle Quilt: Drum Roll!! The winner of the 2018 Raffle Quilt was Cheryl S.  who just happened to be at our meeting tonight!

Door Prizes were provided by Cheryl S, Angeka C, Claudia K, Mary D, and Cheryl S.

Refreshments were provided by Mary D, Rita A, Gina P, Mary D, and Kathy L.

Show and Tell:

Bobbie P: Freaky Frank doll and Witchy Poo doll (Witchy Wanda)

Pam P. Angel doll

Mary D. Plaid sstrip quilt

Rheta G. Doily on tablecloth, backing was also a tablecloth, vintage tablecloth, 4 memory tie quilts (made for family that lost their husband and dad …her daughter’s friend’s family) What a meaningful gift!

Julie C. Block of month baby play pad, Indian border project

Suzi L. Darth Vader Quilt (found at SHWIN & SHWIN.com)

Angela C. 2 Cat crazy quilts, one black and white, one purple made from estate sale cat blocks.

Julie L. miniature quilt quilted with crop circles (made from class taken with our speaker Patricia S)

Mini teal SWAP  from her quilt partner in California



Claudia K announced that there is a new quilt shop in Rosebud, Texas called “Fabric Barn”

The Dallas Quilt Show will be March 8-10, 2019.


Put on your calendar: Cedar Hill Annual Quilt Retreat.  First weekend in March, 2019. Dates are Feb 26 to March 3rd. You can go from Thursday to Sunday for $294.30 or from Friday to Sunday for $196.20. Great time to better know your fellow members and get a LOT of sewing done. Eat, Sleep and Sew!!!


Program: Wool Applique

Patricia S. is a local quilt artist that teaches classes in both quilting and wool. She gave a most informative and interesting program on wool applique.

She explained the difference between felted wool and wool felt. Wool felt is not a woven fabric but layers of wool roving that is pressed in sheets using hot water and heat. It is dense and tight and can pull apart, especially on the edges. Felted wool is woven with a warp and a weft. No fraying occurs and is easy to work. It also is more expensive. She shared many of her projects, and we also saw some of Judy P’s work. 

Great tips: Whole cloves keep moths away. Put in plastic bag, poke some holes in bag and hang up on hanger.

Needles: Personal preference, you must find one that you can use most comfortably. Applique needles, she prefers the chennelle needles with a gold eye.

Fusing: Can pin or glue. If using fusible paper, Put the silicone sheet on top of the article to be fused.

She also passed out sheets showing the how to of the basic applique stitches for wool and sheets about wools and the how to of felting your own wool. Should make it to our website!


So much good information that the meeting went over and we were hastened out of the center!


 Added 11/30/2018