June 2018 BMLE


June’s challenge is embellishment. You do NOT have to add another border to your quilt to try your hand at using embellishment. You can add it to an existing border. Embellish means to means “make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features” (Google Dictionary). For quilters, materials for embellishment are as many and varied as the imagination allows. Embroidery threads come in so many colors and varieties (including sparkles – for those quilts calls for bling!). They can bring a lot to a simple border or piece of applique.


There are many edge features for borders that are considered embellishments. Prairie Points which are folded triangles of fabric can be placed between two borders or on the edge of the last border for interest. The examples below show a couple of ways to use them.




This example shows prairie points sandwiched between two borders.




The use of prairie points and rick rack is seen in this example.





There are many resources and examples for embellishment. Look at pictures of crazy quilts to see the ultimate in embellishment use. Buttons, beads and trinkets are used in those very heavily embellished beauties.



Library Resources

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  2. Quilt and Embellish in One Step! (In One Step), Linda Potter, C&T Publishing (Dec 01, 2004)
  3. The Magic of Crazy Quilting, A Complete Resource for Embellished Quilting, J. Marsha Michler,

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Countless quilting sites and You Tube videos are out there for the internet savvy. Have fun. Keep it simple – or not.


This will be “due” in August – use July to travel, support TAQG and sew!


Added 06/20/18