2018 BLME

2018 is the year of "Borders, Margins and Lessons from the Edge of the Quilt". Julie L. will lead us on this journey. 

What? No block of the month exchange?

Nope.  This year we will build a quilt of our own.  We will make quilt of the size we choose and the color we choose by the end of the year.  We will not have to exchange anything unless you choose to work in a round robin with a group of your sewing friends. Monthly detailed instructions are listed on the left menu.

What are borders?   An edge, margin, rim, boundary and in textiles it is an ornamental design at the edge of a fabric or rug or QUILT!

Each month there will be a little history about that quilt border.   CHQG library references to help inspire and instruct will be provided.  We have quite a few references available.  Workshops may be held to for those who want or need some instruction.  There are many sites online if you prefer you tube videos for instructions.

Fasten your seatbelts.  We will be doing something different and something we can all do. Let's have some fun.

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All patterns from previous years  "Block of the Month" will remain on our website. 


Revised 01/16/19