April 2018

2018 APRIL Newsletter/Minutes

Cedar Hill Quilters Guild

April 17, 2018

Another great meeting, led by one of our membership chairpersons CJ. She had to make a few trips to the membership table as she was doing double duty, but she accomplished the mission! Our president is on a trip to the quilt exposition in Paducah. Hope we get a full report next meeting!

First thing, 14 quilters were here for our workshop today. We made 53 surgical caps to give to Parkland Hospital!! Georgia and her sister Sue came to check on us. Georgia is recovering from shoulder surgery and is still in the rest and pain med mode, so we were glad to see that she is on the mend! She generously donated much of the fabric. Tonya has donated ¼ inch elastic. The caps were pretty easy to make and there will be plenty of material and elastic at next meeting for all to participate and make MORE!


18 ¾ inch circle of fabric

18 ¾ inches of ¼ inch elastic

Turn edge in ½ inch and use a small zigzag around circle, leaving a small opening for elastic. Place elastic in cap and overlap edges of elastic, zigzag stitches to secure elastic. Zigzag opening and it is done. So cute with all the variety of kid friendly fabrics.

Back to the meeting, the minutes were approved by the members. We had 36 in attendance and 3 visitors, two who became members., Sheryl and Peggy. Ann visited for the first time, is a beginner quilter and will be back. She heard about the guild while walking with Ruth at the rec ceneter.

Ruth and Charlotte brought refreshments and we had door prizes, two left in book cart and one by Charlotte.

Raffle Quilt: Judy showed the raffle quilt along with the story of how it came to be. Marsha, one of our past members started the quilt and then became ill with heart problems that subsequently caused her death. Much later, her daughter came across this fabric and some made blocks and called Maryln to see if she would like them. Maryln and Claudia completed the quilt along with an amazing border. Gina quilted it and it was decided that it would be a great raffle quilt. Everyone was given an envelope with 24 tickets along with a photo of the quilt. Should be easy to sell (or buy for your own chance to own it).

Kathy will be taking the quilt to Ben Franklin on Friday May 11th, from 10 AM to 4 PM. Call her if you can help out (number on the website, cedarhillquiltersguild.org). This is a short time at a nice venue. You can get a great lunch there and peruse the fabrics in the quilt shop or the neat stuff in the store. Sitting with the quilt is fun and the customers have great quilt stories that they will share. You also get to know your fellow quilters better.

Sunshine and Shadow: Charlotte reported ( be sure to call her if you hear of any member event) Georgia had shoulder surgery, recovering well Janet’s husband has been ill and in hospital, doing better now Debora has a torn ligament in leg and may need surgery Hollie’s husband had a pacemaker placed Tonya had an episode that leaves her unable to drive for 3 month’s. She lives in Midlothian and could use a ride for the next 3 months.

Librarian: Angela reported that there are 274 books in our collection. Last month’s sale netted us $43.04. There were 5 participants in March for the use of books in their quilts, Barbara, Georgia, Claudia, Gina and Cheryl. Library Challenge rules: 1. Use a CHQG book technique, pattern or style into your BMLE (Borders, Margins, Lessons from the Edge) and/or the presidents challenge. 2. Prize monthly for participation by verifyably seeing project and library loan documentation. 3. Top prize at end of year will be drawn from all monthly winners. Prize TBD.

BMLE: Julie said that April begins the challenge for what can be affectionately called the “A” word. Quilters are passionate about their feelings toward applique. They either love it or hate it. Keep an open mind and use this time to develop a new skill or try a new way to applique. We will be using TWO MONTHS to manage this border. Be realistic and whimsical. You don’t have to stick a Baltimore Quilt into your border. References: CHQG library has several reference books. Videos can be found on You Tube. Craftsy.com has several free articles discussing applique techniques. Alamosaquilter@blogspot.com has a very detailed series of photos in her blog about using spray starch to prepare appliques for sewing. Last but not least, use your fellow guild members, many are experts on this technique!!

Christmas Quilt: Jean S. had many blocks ready to sew for the quilt. Many hands make for light work!! Thanks Jean!

Hospitality: Ruth passed around the refreshment, door prize and quilt holder list. Be sure to sign up for a month!!

Quilt Shop: Mary G announced that she is closing out her business and her fabrics are $7/yard and she also has widebacks. She will be available on Mondays and Tuesdays…or other times if she knows you are coming. Call her first, 214-546-1212.

Show and Tell:

  • Julie said that this is the year of completing the unfinished. Donation quilt in bento box pattern, Quilt for sisterin-law with a jelly roll pattern. 3 knitted children’s hats.
  • Jean C. Muted star
  • CJ Hippie #8! , also 12 baby hats made by the Duncanville Women’s Club
  • Angela T-shirt quilt for a nurse, quilt made from Block of the Month blocks won in 2017
  • Judy King size Civil War Quilt made from Block of the month series. She had to “rip” it off the bed this am to get it ready to bring it to guild. Poor Ed!
  • Rheta Grandmother’s Garden quilt made in the 1930’s. Top was kept in chest, so was in new shape. She read up on how to quilt these quilts and kept the edge in the hexi shapes. , Also a T-shirt quilt.
  • Hollie Car’s quilt, porpoise quilt made with 5” charms, 5” charm quilt, Villa Rose design
  • Jean S Queen sized quilt and pillow sham in pink and grey for her grandson. Wonder if he knows those were Elvis’s colors.
  • Mary Donation String quilt Mamie 25 baby hats
  • Marcia Plus quilt for nephew’s graduation
  • Charlotte Quilt from a Riley Blake challenge

Program: Robin of Robin Williamson Quilts gave us an excellent program on Modern Quilts. She announced up front that she suffers from a disease called scleroderma that causes the skin to become thickened and stiff. It has caused her fingers to be stiff and with limited movement. She said that she wanted to answer questioning glances and wondering of those looking at her hands.

Modern quilts started in the 50’s, based on modern art. She calls her self an excited quilter and her day work and training is that of a graphic artist. What makes it Modern?? Use of negative space. This space is often quilted in intricate patterns. Also great use of straight lines. Minimalism , simplicity Asymmetry Lack of borders Trends & techniques Fabrics: solids, modern fabrics Strips Improvisational Piecing Wonky use of traditional patterns She combined slides and her own pieces to demonstrate Modern quilts. One quilt in particular was made of ¾ inch strips in gradational colors, then quilted in straight lines about 1/8 inch apart.

Stunning! You can get more info ROBINWILLIAMSONQUILTS.COM


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