Borders, margins and lessons from the edge of the quilt

The Beginning

For January’s assignment build you own quilt center block.

The center of your quilt can be a design that you choose.  It can be in the style of a medallion quilt, a group of blocks, a piece of applique work or a fabric that has a scrumptious design on it.  It could even be some orphan blocks, or blocks that you got in an exchange.  It could be an antique piece of stitching that you want to honor, or even a panel.  YOU DECIDE.  This will be your quilt.  You decide the size you want to work with.  The quilt will be growing throughout the year as the borders are added in place.

If you need suggestions for the center of the quilt, there are books available in our library to check out to provide inspiration.  Try something new.  Have fun with this. Grab a buddy and see what happens if you do a round robin border exchange.

Bring your quilt center to February’s meeting to win a prize and get the first real border assignment.


*For those of you who could not make the January meeting, additional folders are available to keep the border assignments in place.


Revised 06/04/2018