March 21, 2017

CEDAR HILL QUILT GUILD              MARCH 2017                      


Welcome to all and especially our 2 new guests: Connie from Midlothian, and Sharon from cedar Hill.

Announcements: This year's retreat had 17 people attend including 3 who had never been to a retreat in the past. Next year's retreat will be the first week of march to avoid spring break so grandparents can see grandchildren. Please start considering if you want to be an officer or program chair next year. Claudia is handing out tickets for the raffle quilt ( money due October). Kathy is coordinating when the quilt volunteers will show the raffle quilt at different places.

Minutes from Feb 2017 were read, Judy motioned they be approved, Kathy L. seconded the motion, the group voted and accepted.

Block of the month: Red, White, and Black blocks won by Gena P. Current block of the month is a log cabin pattern with lights and darks. Finished size 12 1/2 inches.

Birthdays: none

Charities: April 1st knitting will be at Marilyn's house. Call  Marilyn if you are coming. Quilts for charity need to have a true 1/4 inch seam allowance or they undo themselves in the wash and then someone has to repair them before giving them out.

Name Tag Swap: participants your name tags are due in April.

Sunshine and Shadows: Vicky passed away suddenly from a brain tumor. Pat H 's brother died. Karen A 's father passed away.

TAG: July 8 is rally. Only 500 gift bags are available and doors open at 9am. I you win an item, like a sewing machine, there will be a 25% "gambling tax" due. So plan on that when purchasing tickets. Maryln A has tickets for lunch/raffle/and pins. The guild motioned, seconded, and accepted to buy items for 500 bags using guild money at treasurer's discretion. Mini quilts are needed for TAG.

Programs : April " True Color" , May " antique and family quilts" to be brought by members but sign up in April. June " Maya Checker and  Andrea Mehan, July " salads and conversation at Judy P's clubhouse. Aug: Denise Bartosh, Sept" President's challenge of Dresden plate creations, Oct: Trick or treat with UFO, November is a surprise, December is our party and exchange.

Workshop: Dresden plates, 1pm, cedar hill rec center by Debbie.

March Program: " THRILL OF THE HUNT...FINDING VINTAGE MACHINES". Speaker Alison Bayer of Plano.

 Definitions: vintage is 50-100 yrs old, classic is 25-50 years old. History: First attempt to make sewing machine was in 1695, but singer had first working machine in 1851. Singer has  been in business 166 yrs.

Hunting may be done at garage sales, flea markets, friends 'attics, work bulletin boards. eBay not recommended at you can't see or try it to make sure it works or has all its parts.

 When hunting, take shmetz needles, thread, fabric scraps, scissors, post it notes that say "sold". Check the cords are not frayed before plugging in the machine to see if it works, make sure the bobbin case is present ( ask if it's not there), check the foot plate, the wheel motion. Ask about cabinets or carrying cases. Measure the distance between hinge pins on the machine to see if it will fit cabinet. Machines can be bought for sentimental, utility, or decorative reasons.

Sample machines: 301 series have trapezoid cases, may have 2 colors, good for fast speed for binding. the 221 series may have scroll decorated endplates, a hand crank machine is good for paper piecing, and a treadle machine for long seams. Motors can be a pocket type which cannot be replaced or an independent motor that can be replaced. Foot controllers have porcelain parts and should be handled as fragile.

Handy websites: can tell the year of the machine. can identify a machine, can sell you a hand wheel or crank. Our speaker is willing to answer questions at

Cleaning: "Water is death to decals" use a cotton ball soaked in clear machine oil to wipe the surface. Goo gone can remove tape residue. Gojo without pumice can be used outside with the machine on newspapers: slather it on, leave overnight, melts off. Reproductions can be identified by garish colors, plastic feed dogs. Enjoy your "new" treasure.

SHOW AND TELL: Karen a did a fabric weaving quilt                          Brenda K: 2 Mickey mouse diaper bags

                Barbara S:Superbowl quilt, table topper                                                Mary W:2 pillow cases

                Maryln Z: Ronald McDonald challenge quilt, log cabin bed quilt, and 3 baby hats

                Claudia K: Challenge quilt for Ronald McDonald house    Nancy C: Fringe quilt

                Sue M: Western quilt quilted and her daughter's quilt finished in purple and black


Revised 06/04/2018

                Maggie C: wool flower, hot pad, trivet, and a  table topper Georgia: 3 baby hats

                Patty G: quilt for her doctor and a Baltimore hand color/appliqué quilt   

                Rhonda: showed a lovely quilt   Teresa: baby quilt for 14th great nephew with kit from corner sq

                Diana B: designed her brother's 3 ecclesiastical stoles for 3 seasons of the church calendar