January 17, 2017

JANUARY 2017               
Submitted by J. Calcote

Welcome was by our President Diana B. We had quite a few visitors.

Announcements: Dues are S24 this year. Thanks to all who have paid. Please pay at the Feb. meeting if you haven't, with a check or cash. The 2017 Raffle quilt is almost finished and looking marvelous: some of those involved were Charlotte who pieced, Sue who bordered, and Gina who will be quilting and many other talented ones who cannot be numbered.

Food: Thanks to those who brought the delicious coconut macaroons and the vegetables for snacks.

Most volunteer hours in 2016! 118 by Sue M, 115.5 by Donna A, 90 by Mamie B, 88 by Marylyn Z, 85 by Georgia C, and 87 by Barbara S. Well done ladies!

December minutes were approved after a motion by Judy and a 2nd by Bailey.

Block of the month were batik stars won by Kathy T. This month's block of the month is from Bonnie Hunter's website obtained with permission. Click here for the PDF.

Birthdays: Bailey, Bobbie, Nancy, Natilie, Barbara S., and Ruth M all happily quilting.

Program Committee accepting suggestions until March.

Workshops: Even months at 1pm on 3rd Tuesday of month at our meeting location. Next month will have instruction on Dresden plates....the president's challenge is to make something out of Dresden plates. You may submit workshop ideas to Georgia.

Treasurer: Details were submitted.

Secretary: A thank you letter from Parkland was read which thanks us for all of the baby hats.

Charities 2016:Appreciated were 800 baby hats! 70+ pillow cases, 150 ICU blankets, and 43 special Olympic items. Way to go Team!

TAQG: Mineola this month.

Future: Name tag exchange sign up, retreat at compass centre March 2-5. Fee due in February.

Ragi is the Special exhibits chair for the Dallas Show Committee. She is looking for Texas themed quilts to include. Please contact her for more information and see attachment.

Door Prizes: won by Renee, Gina, CJ, and Melanie

Sunshine and Shadows: Jean Sadler is feeling better and present tonight. Jan Wright's brother died and we send our condolences out to her. Remember Dora’s husband in your thoughts and prayers as he is ill. Kathy L has pneumonia and could use our warm thoughts and prayers as well.

Shops: Ben Franklin 30% off to the end of Jan. Cornerstone is having 3 weeks of Superbowl time quilting on Sundays after church. Call to hear the exciting mystery elements of NEW pattern.

Show and Tell:

Julie A showed a hand pieced hand quilted brown and tan flowered applique quilt.
Barbara S and Ruth M showed their Super Bowl Mystery Quilt from 2016.                              
Claudia K did 28 blue knit baby hats.                                                                                                              
Stephanie Cshowed us her T-shirt quilt, 2 hrs of long arm quilting, a melon ice quilt , and a temperature crochet blanket.                                                        Judy P showed us a miniature and 2 pillow cases.                                                                                                
Renee P did a woodcut quilt.                                                                                                                         
Jean C showed a baby quilt entitled" Little Fishes".                                                                                       
Helen C showed a donation quilt.                                                                                                                           
Mary D showed 3 veteran plaid quilts.                                                                                                         
Nancy Coley showed a "beer" themed quilt.                                                                                                                       


PROGRAM: WILD WOOLIES BY JULIE ALDRIDGE    How to make realistic decorative animals (not toys).

Supplies: sarafinafiberarts.com  for items mentioned and tutorials , such as 38 and 40 gage needles, clover pen tool, punch tool with 5 needles, 3 inch foam, dog brush or carders, rice in burlap bag for table

Wool: Unwashed from animal should use dawn dish liquid. If washed in 140 degree F water, it will remove lanolin, ask Julie about microwave technique to dye wool with rit dye. Alpaca wool has no lanolin and is very soft but doesn't attach well without "woodles". Merino wool is extra fine and soft used for bird feathering. Hobby Lobby has coarser wool for larger areas of the body of the animal. Can mix types or colors by carding together loosely. Some sheep have curly wool called "locks" good for beards or doll hair.

Terms: Roving is to pull the wool apart and twist like rope ...good for felting. A "woodle" is a narrow strand of wool that acts like a belt around another piece of wool at right angles. Swax is a type of beeswax to put on top of toes to hold further wool layer tightly.

Shapes, needed for animals, that are felted: biscuits (round), ghost( triangular-bottom fluffy),taco (half moons-fluffy edge), and tubes (wound on skewer).

Armiture: skeleton: Use cloth tied wires from flower department of Hobby Lobby for animal less 6inches. Otherwise wrap pipe cleaners around wire for larger animal so wool can stick/felt on.

For Questions or gifts to purchase contact Julie Aldridge at 765-437-2915 please.


The annual retreat for our guild is coming up..a great time to better know your fellow quilters and concentrate on great projects. The Retreat is at the Compass Centre in Mt. Calm Texas. You can visit their website @ compasscentre.com for info and directions. There is a small quilt shop on site for fabrics and patterns. Also threads and gadgets you may need. All you have to do at retreat is sew, eat, sleep and visit. It's always inspirational to see what others are doing and to get advice and learn new techniques. Attached is an informational flyer re costs and dates. Melissa (owner) is arranging for massage therapist to be there for full body massages or foot massages. Call me or email me for further info or to add your name to the list! Barbara S, 214-339-4425 (home) or 214-534-8203 (cell) or email barbarasessions@icloud.com  Please note that due date for money is at the next meeting which is the 21st (not the 14th).


Revised 1/25/2017