November 15, 2016

The October minutes were approved and seconded by Judy P. and Ruth W.


We had a huge turnout of visitors for this meeting. I was told that 31 guests signed in, but we had quite a few more that didn't sign in. I'm thankful that many people were there to hear the history of the underground quilts.


Rita A.
Jennifer B.
Janice F.
Marilyn K.
Kathy L.
Ragi M.
Debbie M.
Julie M.
Judy P.
Linda S.
Rita W.


The guild took a vote for the color of next year's shirts. The color Purple won for next year. 

Sunshine and Shadows

Jerry H. - passed away
Linda M. - her dad passed away
Mary G. - her husband passed away
Patty G. - her granddaughter's mother passed away
Jean S. - she is back in the hospital and possibly going to need to move to an assisted living facility
Donna A. - her brother passed away


We have great news. In 2017 we are going to be able to use the same room that we use for our meetings for workshops every other month. We have decided to meet on the even numbered months. The workshops will probably start at 1:00 p.m. We will have further information coming up. This is a wonderful way to spend some time with other quilters and work on charity quilts or donation quilts. There are possibilities of some learning workshops.


Special Olympic scarves will be picked up in December.

Georgia will deliver that baby hats to Parkland.

Quilts for the homeless and hospice will be picked up in December also.

Seldom Seen Quilting

Diana B. has six or seven large vintage quilt tops. She is looking for some volunteers to help quilt them and then they could be donated.

Block of the Month

November's blocks winner - Karen C.

The December blocks will be turned in at the January meeting

December meeting/Christmas party

The December meeting will be at the Cresthaven Village Community Center. Bring a covered dish to share. Also there will be a gift exchange. This gift can be anything made out of Christmas fabric. Be creative and bring your gift in an bag so we won't know what it is until the recipient opens it. 

Shop news

Ben Franklin - has an end of bolt sale- 30% off if you buy the end of the bolt. Fat quarters are buy 1 get 1 free. 

Corner Square Quilts - Rhonda H. has been to market and has a lot of new exciting things in her shop and will have more coming soon. She has new rulers, fabrics, gadgets (ooh),Floriani thread, and kits. 


The program was "Hidden in Plain View," presented by the Pleasant Hill Quilt Club of Linden, Texas. Check out our instagram for a picture of the program!

Show and tell

Helen C. - small quilt
Maggie C. - 3 burp cloths and a pillow
Judy P. - a Christmas wall hanging
Sue M. - charity- 3 lap quilts made from the scraps that were sewn by the quilt guild
Maryln Z. - pinneapple quilt, tie quilt/ charity- 1 quilt, 3 pillow cases, and 10 hats
Kathy L. - She showed a quilt that she won at a cancer fund raising luncheon
Bobbie P. - charity- 5 hats, 3 pillowcases


Updated 12/5/2016