June 21, 2016


Carolyn I.
Debora P.
Cheryl S.

Sunshine and Shadows-

Sharon L. - broke her arm
Debora P. - had eye surgery and she is seeing much better now.
Mamie B. - her son is on the list for a kidney transplant and her daughter is also ill
*since the meeting Jean S. had a heart attack and stroke, but she is home now


The workshops are being headed up by Georgia C. The afternoon before the June meeting there was a workshop to help make charity quilts out of an abundance of scraps. They are using newspaper or phone book pages or an alternative method that uses dryer sheets. These quilts are going to be made with 9 1/2" squares. Contact Georgia C. if you need the instructions or scraps. Please bring back you finished squares for the July meeting. In August there will be a workshop to put the squares together with sashing and batting will be available. This is a great opportunity to help make charity quilts.

Raffle Quilt-

Brenda W. had to resign as the raffle quilt chairperson. The new chairman is Sharon L. This is a hard job, but it is very important for the quilt guild. We need everyone to volunteer to sit with the raffle quilt. If you have a location that will allow you to do so, please contact Sharon L. or Rhonda H. at Corner Square Quilts. The quilt will be at the store unless someone is showing it somewhere else. Rhonda H. will allow people to sit with the quilt at her shop. This is a great opportunity for us to help and at the same time be in a friendly quilt environment. With "Row by Row'" starting it is a great opportunity to sell tickets now. Also Ragi M. has informed us that Ben Franklin's will allow us to sit with the quilt and sell raffle tickets at that store. Please contact Ragi M. to coordinate the times that the store will allow us to be there. We also ask that each quilt guild member personally sell at least $20 in raffle tickets. You can sell to friends or family or just simply to yourself...who wouldn't want this beautiful quilt?

There are incentives for selling tickets and sitting with the quilt-

1. For every $20 in tickets that you sell, your name will be put into a drawing for gift cards at quilt shops. 
2. For every 2 hours that you sit with the quilt your name will be put into the drawing also. 

The money that comes from the raffle tickets helps this guild to keep running. Without the raffle ticket sales the dues would likely increase to cover the costs that occur. 

E-mail troubles-

I have found out that I did make some errors entering in a few e-mail addresses. I am working on correcting this. I recieved a great number of responses when I sent out a test e-mail. Hopefully this will smooth our even more. If you know someone that is not recieving these e-mails, please have them contact me (Cindy F. ) directly.

July meeting-

The July meeting is our annual salad supper. Remember the term salad may be applied as freely as you see fit. This is a wonderful relaxed way to visit with other quilters and eat some wonderful food. 

We ask that everyone bring a mug rug to exchange. A mug rug is simple a very timy quilt that you can set a coffee mug and a small snack on. The dimensions can vary, but 4" x 6" to 6" x 10" will be a good range. You can do any kind you would like- pieced, paper pieced, appligue, art, or whatever your heart desires. I would suggest a thin batting. Just bring it in a bag so we can all be surprised after the exchange. 

The location is going to be at:

Cresthaven Village Community Center
1108 Cresthill Drive
Cedar Hill, Texas 

This is located in the Cresthaven Village gated community. The gate code for that day will be sent out a couple of days before the July meeting- be sure to check you e-mail.


They have 3 UFO's that need a home. They also have free patterns and cheap books for sale. Also the magazines are an amazing deal.


Diana B. - she is collecting 6" and 12" batik squares to make charity quilts. You can bring them to any meeting. 


Rally day is July 9th. There is great news this year- the cost is only $5 for non guild members. Marlyn Z. wants to thank everyone for their lunch and pin purchases.

Shop news- 

Ben Franklin is participating in Row by Row. The July schedule was still in progress. Contact Ben Franklin for class meeting times. Also, just a reminder they will let you sell raffle tickets here. Contact Ragi M.

Seldom Seen Quilting- Every 2nd Thursday of the month Diana has a "Stand and Stitch" from 5-8 p.m. This is a great way to try out a longarm machine AND help make charity quilts. It's a win-win.

Program- Then and Now

This program starred our own wonderful quilters and it was a blast. It was fun seeing the progression from our beginnings to what we are capable of now. Thank you so much for all who contributed. I personally hope we do this every year.

Here is a list of all who participated: 

Ragi M.

Marlyn Z.

Drena C.

Debora P.

Charlotte H.

Holiday B.

Gerry H.

Cindy F.

Cheryl Stu.

Claudis K.

Debbie M.

Barbara S.


Ruth W.

Rhonda H.

Karen C.

Angie B.

Jan W.

Bobbie B.

Diana B.

Georgia C.

Helen C.

Gail G.

Bailey M.

Stephanie C.

Judy P.

Carolyn O,

Melinda L.

Nancy C.

Fran O,

Gloria D.

Gloria I.

Block of the Month- 

Holiday B. and Jan W. won the May block of the month blocks. 

Carolyn I. has the patterns for the block of the month for the July meeting. This is a paper pieced block so if you print it out, make sure you have the right dimensions. The information should be on the website or you can contact Carolyn I.

Christmas Raffle Quilt-

There are packages available for the red and the green portions of the quilt and also detailed instructions. Please pick up a few at the meeting and return your finished blocks at the September meeting. 

Show and Tell-

We ran out of time for the separate show and tell for the June meeting. Please bring your show and tell to the salad supper in July. See you there.


Updated 7/1/2016