Join in the Fun

    Just a little reminder......if you signed up to participate in the Block of the Month, please remember to bring your block with you each month. We now have 36 people working in 3 groups of 12 on the BOMs. All Blocks will be 12-1/2" unfinished and 12" finished.

The block patterns will be in the newsletter for each month in advance from now on. If you have any questions feel free to call or e-mail me (all my information is in the membership list). 

                                Charlotte H., BOM Coordinator


To download to your computer, click the appropriate month for the BOM instructions. Additional paper copies are available from Corner Square Quilts.

January BOM - Rising Star 12-1/2"

February BOM -  Simple Flower Basket 12-1/2"  

March BOM - Grandmother's Choice in Red and White

April BOM - Underground Railroad in browns 

May BOM - Think Spring (Double X) with a center block that reminds you of Spring and then either a dark and medium from your print or two contrasting medium colors. 

June BOM - "Greek Cross" - Use Dark and medium gold and white on white. 12-1/2"

July BOM - "Prairie Queen" For Dark use Medium to Dark Blue, for Medium use Red and for Light use white on white print with red and/or blue. 12-1/2"

August BOM - "Churn Dash" - Use combinations of Green. You will need dark, light and medium greens to complete this block. 10-1/2"

September BOM - "Playtime" - Use child's print for center and 2 coordinating colors for the sides and half-square triangles. 12-1/2"

October BOM - "Shoo Fly" - Same as "Playtime" block except it is either black with white or white with black fabrics. 12-1/2"

November BOM - "Water Wheel" - Use a medium/dark, medium/light and a light Civil War / 1800's reproduction fabrics for this one. 12-1/2"

December BOM - "Fox and Geese" - Use traditional reds and greens for this Christmas favorite. 12-1/2"


Revised - 11/05/14